How To Create Healthy Lunches Kids Will Actually Eat 
Without Giving Up Fun Foods Or Treats
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Vanessa Bond, Certified Nutritional Practitioner and AIP Certified Coach

About Me. Who Am I?
Hi, I’m Vanessa Bond, founder of The Autoimmune Family System and Bond With Health. 

I’m also the parent of an autoimmune child who is thriving with a rare bone autoimmune. 

My clients tell me over and over that lunch is one of the most stressful meals to prepare. It's often a last-minute thought and then they scramble to put something together. 

That’s why I created The Autoimmune Family Lunchbox Starter Kit.  

This free ebook lays out 3 simple strategies to creating fast and healthy meals that your child (and family) will actually eat. And I've included 16 paleo-inspired recipes to help you get started. Paleo is a great middle ground for autoimmune.

All recipes and ideas include foods designed to build kids up and I've removed common triggers for inflammation.

Yes, treats are included! A kid has to be a kid!

Lunchtime just got a whole lot easier!    

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