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The Autoimmune Family Kitchen
Discover how anti-inflammatory foods can improve symptoms of autoimmune inflammation and what foods can help improve your energy and pain, so you can move more, laugh more and connect more with your loved ones!

This is a get started e-guide for families and individuals who are struggling with making and sticking to nutritional changes at home. 

The Autoimmune Family Kitchens teaches you how to remove the stress of learning how to eat a new way, create a realistic nutrition  plan you can actually stick with, and work with your family on creating nutrient-dense anti-inflammatory meals the whole family likes so the focus is on fun (not failure) at the dinner table.

$87.00 CAD

  • ​Step-by-step instructions on how to remove the most common food triggers for flares (gluten, dairy, refined sugar, processed foods) without overwhelming yourself or your family in the process 
  • ​​Strategies and worksheets to use with family members to increase participation and squash complaints before they even happen
  • ​Complete lists of anti-inflammatory, nutrient-dense foods (think superhero superfoods)
  • ​Family friendly food swaps (what about pasta, cookies or ice cream?)
  • Supportive supplements for various situations 
  • ​​42 family-friendly anti-inflammatory recipes (breakfast, lunch and dinner)
  • BONUS: 39 additional healthy snack recipes and treats (ice cream included!)
  • ​​BONUS #2: a SLEEP assessment quiz and strategies to improve - the cornerstone of immune health
  • ​FINANCIAL BONUS: if you live in the US, you can assume an additional 20% discount due to currency rates.
  • ​This guide is not appropriate for those currently following Paleo or AIP. 
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